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International Dance Rewards are a beautifully designed badge reward system for your dance school. Offering a structured progression through all aspects of dance, from technique and performance, to manners and uniform. It is fun and inclusive because we believe regular, stress free, in-house assessment and rewards are the key to developing happy, motivated and inspired students. 

How it Works

Similar to swim and gymnastics badges, they are entirely flexible and can be assessed by yourselves in a regular class environment. Simply download or purchase the Progress Record Card for each student and tick off the relevant achievements, using set syllabus work from your existing board or class free work and show dances. 

Rewarding. Encouraging . Supporting.

What our Customers are Saying

“I love them. Been using them in South Africa  for the past year or two. We do follow a syllabus but are only able to do exam sessions once per year so this is a great way to encourage our kids throughout the year. Love the concept” 


South Africa

“This is very important to us, as the International Dance Rewards celebrate dedication, passion and hard work. This is a fantastic way to boost your kid’s confidence and help them grow not only as dancers but as individuals! ”


Dance School Principle

“I have huge problem within the school finding a way forward for children with special needs and those less obviously talented, who work just as hard but cant always be entered for exams. IDR could be the solution” 


Isle of Man

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