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A new approach to dance training

IDR was born from the desire to shake things up a bit. As many of us know, most dance schools are an eclectic mix of bun-heads who eat, sleep and dream dance and those who are more casual, those who do it for fun and expression, those for exercise. One mode doesn’t fit everyone, and whilst over the years more examination boards have sprung up and  more dance styles have become popular, the traditional exam route, with an external examiner is still the only assessment option available for students. This can be daunting, and off putting for students and whilst 100% necessary for those wishing to train professionally and monitor teaching standards, does it have to be the only way?

The light bulb moment came when our founder, Cherrie, began taking her children to gymnastics and witnessed the in-house relaxed assessment style of the British Gymnastics badge scheme.  Why was there nothing like this for dance? We did our research and couldn’t find anything like it. So we decided to do something about it! 

How it Works

IDR is a beautifully designed badge reward system for your dance classes offering a structured progression through all aspects of dance; from technique and performance, to manners and uniform. Fun and inclusive because we believe regular, stress free, in-house assessment and, most importantly, rewarding achievement are the key to developing happy, motivated and inspired students. 

Use it to reward and encourage students on route to their next exam, or for those whom exams are not necessarily the correct path. IDR are a great way to nurture the training and achievements of every student and every step. From toddlers to grade 5 level with no annual subscriptions, hidden charges or minimum orders to satisfy, we offer you the ultimate flexibility in rewarding your dancers.

Internally assessed by you in your classes in a similar way to British Gymnastics and Swim England awards, the International Dance Rewards scheme is perfect for any size school or studio, any dance setting, and promotes inclusivity and the recognition of effort, personal skills as well as attainment. It really is a super simple way to keep kids motivated and reward and track progress. It can also be a great revenue stream for your school.

As they progress through the year there are enough coloured levels to do assessments termly, half-termly or as you see fit.

Designed by the Experts

Written and designed by dance teachers and ex professionals with a knowledge of many different examination boards. We work with qualified dance teachers and school teachers to offer a flexible addition or alternative.

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