Inclusivity & Diversity

Inclusivity is at the core of our ethos

IDR are above all else an inclusive reward scheme, designed for everyone. Whilst we have a criteria to follow we reward dance students not just for dance quality and technique but for their effort, manners, discipline and attendance. That said to develop dancers technique and allow them to improve and learn then certain criteria has to be followed.

IDR believe there should be something for everyone; those talented, technically proficient dancers need the ability to be pushed and moved forward, and the traditional examination route is great for these dancers, but what about those students who work so hard and struggle with things due to limitations beyond their control?

We do not feel the traditional examination boards go far enough to be inclusive for the wide range of people wishing to enjoy dance and be recognised for their achievements that’s why, over the coming year, we will be introducing inclusive awards including effort, improvement, best dance buddy as well as others. These will work well for those not quite ready for the level awards, ensuring no child misses out on receiving a reward.

So what can an IDR teacher do differently for these students and what warrants ‘Reasonable Adjustments?’

Many factors can affect your students ability to perform at their best and fulfil the criteria or take part in the IDR program. Here we detail common issues & how IDR supports you as a teacher to reward these students.

If an assessment point can not be met due to any of the factos below, then Teachers can substitute for an alternative or adapt it to work within the students capabilities.

Physical Disability

A wide range of physical disabilities from dyspraxia to the more challenging; we believe every Child’s efforts should be rewarded and therefore included and recognised.

Behavioural Disorders

Teachers know their students best; what they are capable of and how best to show their greatest qualities. If a criteria can not be met due to a limitation, Teachers should substitute for an alternative or adapt it to work within the students capabilities.


In all our levels we have a section for correct uniform. IDR teachers must allow adjustments to this to be accommodating on the grounds of religion.


In house teacher assessment also helps to keep costs low & IDR Rewards are very affordably priced.


Within certain dance styles often male and females have differing steps or postures. IDR students may take part and perform the style of dance in accordance with the gender they identify.

Shy or lacking in confidence

IDR are a perfect way to introduce the notion of an assessment process to the less confident of students for whom a formal examination sitting may be too daunting.

If you ever have any questions about what you can and cant adjust or what qualifies for reasonable adjustments then please get in touch.

Contact Us for more support

Feel free to contact us if you would like to dicsuss these measures and how they affect your dance school and it’s use of the IDR scheme.

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