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Frequent Asked Questions


How are the students assessed?

Similar to swimming and gymnastic badge systems, IDR are assessed in house by the Teacher or Principal. Our awards are designed to reward dedication, effort and passion not just technique and ability so are inclusive and accessible to all.


Do I need to take a teaching qualification with IDR to use the scheme?

No, we do not have a specific IDR teaching qualification as we are not an examination board we are a reward scheme. If you join as a member we will require you to complete the form with your qualification details. 


How do I teach IDR within my classes?

You can continue to teach your classes as you always have, our Progress Record Card should fit right in. Tick off the points as you take a class or run an ‘Assessment class” Perfect for little ones in preparation for exams in years to come. 


How often can I assess my class?

It’s at your discretion how often you assess your students, each level has a suggested time frame alongside the file download for the Progress Record Sheet. 

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