Code of Conduct

Code of Good Conduct for Dance Teachers

 At IDR we understand that the majority of our teachers may be affiliated to examination boards which have their own code of conduct to follow, however below is the IDR Code of Good Conduct which we encourage all dance teachers to take advantage of and follow alongside their examination boards standards.

A Dance Teacher should:

  • Remain objective and guard against discrimination
  • Work with integrity and honesty
  • Recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and partake in career development opportunities to better develop their skills and ensure their knowledge remains current. 
  • Only teach what they are qualified and experienced enough to teach
  • Remain honest about their qualifications and experience
  • Not use any description or designatory letters to which they are not entitled
  • Be fair and objective to their students
  • Encourage communications between themselves and their students
  • Communicate a love of dance
  • Develop self motivation and self discipline
  • Recognise physical difference and limitation in each dancer and teach accordingly
  • Uphold the rules of their teaching society and organisation
  • Ensure that students are not discriminated against on grounds of race, gender, sex, religion, age, disability, sexuality and beliefs. 
  • A teacher should always act in a a way to promote the interests and safe guard their students.
  • Be fair and honest when completing the progress report cards

A Principal or Teacher should follow all legal and statutory requirements:


  • Data Protection – follow government guidelines regarding keeping data and contact information on students and their families.

  • Ensure all staff have DBS checks and first aid training

  • Pay fair wages and observe fair work conditions

  • Observe music licensing laws regarding PPL and PRS

  • Manage income and business tax affairs legally 

  • Have correct insurances and licences in place

  • Comply with statutory requirements for health and safety at work

  • Ensure you are in accordance with the law regarding copyright in relation to printed material, recorded music and choreography

  • Ensure Health & Safety and Child Protection policies are in place and adhered to.

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