Well 2020 has been one hell of a year and we’ve all taken a bit of a battering, with our businesses abandoned and now diminished, it is difficult to stay positive. But September is here, the new academic year, which for many in our industry feels like a much-needed new year and a new start.


With schools closed, new restrictions and smaller classes it is very easy to get disheartened about your dance school or studio, so we’re here with some tips to keep you motivated and positive. 

Remember Why You Do It

Let’s face it we don’t go into dance teaching for the money, or for the witty banter with parents. We do it because it’s a passion, something you have most probably done since a small child. You love the fundamentals of what you do (not necessarily the nitty gritty bits but the bones) and not many can say that about their job.


Look Back at How Far You Have Come

You’ve built your school up from nothing and if needed, you can do it again. It is always important to take stock of the difference you have made, how many kids have you taught, how many memories have you helped them make, how much your classes have grown and the difference you may have made to some of your students lives. Be proud of yourself.


Move On From Disappointment

I find this very difficult, losing students you’ve taught for years, built a relationship with, or having to chase fees, or seeing students leave for another school and low numbers retuning after lockdown – it is all disheartening. The quicker you can put these feelings aside and move on and focus on the future of your school then the better you will feel.

Connect with Other Activity Teachers

There is always comfort in knowing you’re not alone, with the added bonus of sharing ideas and information local to you reach out. Perhaps form a local co-operative group amongst providers of dance, drama, toddler activities.


Anticipate the Next Mini-Crisis

We know this is going to be a bumpy road to recovery, keep that zoom subscription up and a contingency zoom timetable maybe? Have a plan B you can put into action quickly so you feel prepared and organised for any local lockdowns. Have a detailed ‘what if’ guide with detailed points to action for example – if you have a cold, or if you have covid symptoms. If a teacher has a cold or covid symptoms. If a student has a positive test. This could be a long list, but if you think of all the possibilities and write an action plan it will put your mind at rest.

We may be in this situation for a little while, but remember it will not be forever! Above all we wish all dance and theatre education providers a safe and fun new term back in the studio.

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