Adele Clarke from AMC School of Dance tells us a little about the school and how she uses International Dance Rewards.  

AMC School of Dance is an independent community dance school, with over 220 members, based in Quorn near Loughborough. They offer a range of dance classes suitable from walking tots to adults of all abilities and divide these into 3 categories.   

  • AMC Tots (walking to 5years) 
    Getting you moving and teaching the first foundations of dance and ballet.
  • School of Dance classes (4.5years to adults)
    Classes across Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz, Contemporary, Street and Ballet en pointe.
  • Adult Classes (all ages and abilities)
    Low commitment, super fun, social Adult Ballet and Adult Tap classes.

What drew you to International Dance Rewards? What did you initially like about the concept?

I wanted a fun and very informal way of measuring and rewarding progress for our Tots classes. IDR seemed perfect! I quickly realised that I could use the system to really add value to our Tots classes.

How did you incorporate them into your school?

I have built in the price of the cards, certificates and badges into my class prices – meaning that they are all free to my attendees. This is a massive sales feature for us and sets us apart from similar preschool dance providers in the area.

I have also since utilised the ‘show performer’ awards for my school of dance classes – they are a wonderful yearly memento of our annual shows.

What has the response and feedback of International Dance Rewards been? What positive outcomes have you seen since introducing them?

They have been a fantastic marketing tool for my Tots classes. My preschoolers can’t wait to get their ticks each week and earn their badges and certificates. They have helped guide progress and enthuse even our youngest and most shy members.

Did you use them during lockdown, did they help?

Yes. When my dance school closed over lockdown in 2020, I also used the ‘Dance at Home’ and ‘Ballet at Home’ awards to base my zoom classes and retain my members. Signing up for the 6 week block of online classes included receipt of these rewards – this definitely helped me with sign ups, at a really difficult time. I’m really grateful.


Can you tell us about your dance school’s biggest achievement/ proudest moment?

I was lucky enough to win the national Club Hub 2020 ‘Leader of the Year’ award for ‘exceptional class and school leadership’ which is an absolute career highlight for me. I’m also immensely proud that I’ve been able to keep growing the dance school year on year – even in 2020 despite the pandemic.

My proudest moment was taking a large group of dancers to perform at Birmingham Hippodrome last year. We were the only school to have provided that opportunity not only our child dancers but also to our adults – aged up to their late 40’s. Seeing their faces enjoy the day and experience will be something I never forget.

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