Here is a quick reference, step by step guide to the basics of how to implement International Dance Rewards.

Step 1

The Dance Teacher or Principle will download or purchase the Progress Record Cards. One per pupil for each genre of dance. Our criteria does not involve set choreography, giving power to teacher to be creative or use traditional syollabus choreography. Our criteria includes key elements and steps  to be achieved and ticked off.

 Step 2

The teacher or principle will assess students on the first colour section (or whichever colour they feel their student is at in terms of ability) Assessment can be within class or on a designated assessment day, whichever works best in your setting and for the individual students. They will tick off the criteria for that colour.

 Step 3

Once all the achievements have been ticked off in that colour, it is time to award students for all the effort and dedication with our beautiful and bright certificate and badge.

Step 4

The students then move on to the next colour within their level, so in this example they’ve just gained their first primary colour red, so they move on to the orange primary badge which should take about 6 weeks to achieve. For younger children there are 6 colour sections with different achievements and a graduation award to collect in each level, and for Grade 1 and above there are 3 colours per level. This allows for regular termly or half termly assessment and reward, ensuring progress and happy children.

We are desinged to be flixibke and work for you and your students! If you have any questions dont hesitate to get in touch. 

Team IDR x

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